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Inspiration day to Clarion Housing

Recently we were welcomed to Clarion Housing’s head office and asked our Pioneers to share their thoughts on this visit. Read what our pioneers had to say…

"After our amazing trip with the people at Clapham Park, we travelled to London Bridge to have a wonderful meeting with 4 people who worked at Clarion Housing -one of the biggest companies in Europe. They spoke to us about their roles within the company and the different stages of development.

I found this discussion very interesting as I have always wondered how developers get specific land to build something they want there

Some of the things we spoke about were a bit boring, as I didn’t really understand the purpose of what they were saying. However, we were told about apprenticeships within Clarion and the qualifications you would need to get one. I thought this was very educational and helpful. Being able to get an apprenticeship can help you in the future, and will also look good on your CV.

As a whole, I thought this was a fun trip to learn about new things. The building was gigantic but it felt authentic and comfortable. Personally, I don’t think there would need to be any improvement in the area due to the fact that it already looks very modern and well developed."

By Jason O

"After our trip to Clapham Park, we made our way to London Bridge where we visited Clarion Housing, which is the biggest housing association in the UK. They spoke to us about the process of their organisation and how they individually contribute to the company.

I was surprised that Clarion did not mention any of the backlash they have received. I feel like good organisations are able to own up to their mistakes and talk about the things they haven’t done well, not just the good things.

But overall the day went really well and I really enjoyed it."

By Alesha


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