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Most people are not engaged in decisions about the development of the places in which they live.

Our decision making systems don't properly encourage those in power to develop the future of an area WITH the people who already live there.

Existing communities are pushed to one side. Forgotten at best. Blamed and displaced at worst.

Problem #1:
A lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in community engagement

Only 3% of local people get involved in discussions about local developments

Problem #2:
A lack of trust in decision making

Just 2% of the UK public trust developers, with only 7% of people trusting local authorities to make decisions about large scale developments

The Solution:
Young People Want to Help

Young people are often overlooked when creating future plans for the areas where they live. But we know that many are already involved, and many more want to take action on issues happening around them...


89% of young people have never been asked about the future of their neighbourhood, despite 97% wanting to get what are we waiting for?!

In this 2019 film by Footwork Trust, a group of young people living on a Hackney Council estate undergoing a 40 year regeneration talk about the negative impacts the regeneration process has had on them and their local community - from feeling excluded from decisions that will dramatically affect their lives for decades to come, to no longer feeling at home in the place where they have grown up. Their insights also demonstrate the potential for young people to be a powerful voice for their communities and to help re-build trust in development

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