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Design Day with Finsbury Park Stroud Green Neighbourhood Forum

Recently, our Pioneers were invited to talk about My Place and their research at a Design Day event hosted by our partners, the Finsbury Park and Stroud Green Neighbourhood Forum, in collaboration with Imagine Places. Working alongside the local community, Planning Officials, and built environment professionals, our Pioneers helped to co-design visions for what the future of the Finsbury Park Station Area could look like.

We asked our pioneers to reflect and share their thoughts on the day, here is what they had to say…

How did you find the workshop?

Shukri: It was decent. I learnt a lot about housing and what the neighbourhood forum actually does. It was interesting finding out that they didn't have as much power and influence over the area as I thought.

Emily: I thought the workshop was interesting.

Channay: The workshop was enlightening, however, I feel like it was incorporating things that we didn’t want to be changed about the area.

Jason E: The workshop was very interesting. It was informative and a good experience to be a part of.

Nuria: I didn’t enjoy the workshop as much as I hoped I would. I felt like young people’s voices weren’t heard as much as they should have been.

Alesha: I found the workshop very interesting. It was insightful to learn how decision-makers work within our area.

What did you enjoy about it and why?

Channay: I enjoyed being able to present our findings to the other people there, and I also enjoyed filming the workshop. I felt like the workshop was designed more for older generations and therefore didn't keep younger people as engaged as it could have.

Nuria: I really enjoyed being able to present My Place to the other attendees and share our story with them.

Alesha: I enjoyed seeing how different organisations plan to change the area that they are working in.

"I enjoyed how interactive the workshop was, the activities were very hands-on. One of my favourite activities was the 3D building/remodelling activity as it gave me a new perspective on how my local community could look in the future. It was mind blowing! I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and connect with new people." - Jason E

What it anything like you expected?

Shukri: I was surprised at how many people were present, and the venue was very nice. I enjoyed that the workshop was interactive, it kept things interesting and engaging.

Jason E The design activity wasn’t what I expected, however, it heavily exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the 3D design aspect.

Nuria: I was expecting to be able to have more of a say on things being discussed.

What did you not enjoy and why?

Shukri: I felt like young people’s opinions were often dismissed. I also thought that some of the plans discussed for the future of Finsbury Park seemed unrealistic which was quite concerning for me.

What did you learn from your experience, and how could you use what you learnt to improve your own future events?

Shukri: I learnt that we cannot just leave decisions for the future of Finsbury Park to be made by the older generations. The area is incredibly diverse and our decisions need to represent the young people and minorities that live here too.

Channay: I learnt about things in Finsbury Park that are perceived as an issue by some, and how they intend to change it. I believe that change needs to incorporate the opinions of everybody affected.

Jason E: I feel that I have further developed my communication and improvisation skills. Especially when I gave a speech on the remodelled area prototype blueprint that I helped design with Angela, one of the design day coordinators.

Nuria: I learnt that sometimes change is made by the wrong people. Decisions on the future of Finsbury Park need to be more inclusive and representative.

"I learnt that the change we want to see shouldn't just benefit ourselves (young people). Instead, it needs to benefit all and to do that we need to listen to the opinions of everyone involved." - Alesha


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